audyty_projektyCapacity and availability of IT infrastructure planning

Providing IT services management instead of computer systems becomes a challenge for contemporary IT organizations. The key factor is to gain more for less money. The target is to apply as much IT resources as it is reasonable. ITIL or COBIT become worldround recognized standards.

Our ITIL certified specialists are ready to provide your business with:

  • infrastructure audit
  • the design of IT services portfolio and IT services management model
  • IT resources inventory and documentation
  • the design of procedures and manuals for IT system administrators,
  • continuous capacity and availability analisys,
  • the design of solutions for IT services continuity.

Experience leads us to adjust our efforts to our customer’s requirements. Most often we deal with small and medium businesses so we do know how to save our customer’s money. The solutions we provide always implement best IT systems management practice independent of order scale.

Projekt-1-BW-282x150HA systems design and implementation

Have you ever had problem with printing an offer for the client, issuing an invoice or sending an e-mail with a major contract or important commercial information? These problems are common in case of a server or computer failure. Removing such failures can take from several minutes to several days! You can feel happy, if the problem did not result in damage to data carrier and you have all the files you had before the failure. You are less fortunate, if the data vanished and the last backup – if any – was made last year.
The simplest method of safeguarding against the loss of data is performing regular backups and recording data on many data carriers (disks) simultaneously – (mirroring, RAID, disk array).However, one needs to bear in mind that this will not prevent work stoppage, in case of computer or server failure. For IT systems particularly critical for the functioning of the company, consider installation of the system that protects you from breakdown of a single device, as well. This method consists in starting up a computer system in a cluster environment, built of many servers on which the company application is opened. In such configuration, the failure of a single server will not impede the operation of the entire system. Our company has used for more than five years cluster solutions developed based on Microsoft’s system. Highly accessible solution for your company does not have to be cost intensive.

Audyt-Bezpieczenstwa-1-BW-282x150IT systems security audit
In the 21st century, the most important things for the functioning of an enterprise are: a reliable access to information and communication with the buyers of our products and services. In vast majority of contexts, the information related to business operation are stored owing to information technology systems – more or less complex system and hardware structures of various resistance to failure.

The failures can be divided into two main categories:

  • Failures consisting in data loss or damage,
  • Failures of IT system discontinuing its operation.

Can information stored in the IT system be effectively secured against failure? Yes – both against loss of data and against system’s failure which makes impossible using it. Our company is specialised in IT security level audits, IT resistance audits and assessing the security of data collected through such systems.