In spring 2013 Lan project engeeniers conducted the audit of email system which was dedicated to serve other internet applications of the customer. The system was installed on Microsoft Server 2003 OS with php and MySQL 5.1 engine also present while Microsoft Exchange 2000 was used as the e-mail server software.

The goals of the audit were as follows:

  • make deep analysis of the running system and its environment,
  • prepare migration procedure to linux based e-mail system reducing the impact to other customer’s intrnet applications,
  • migrate the e-mail software to linux based system.


As the result Lan Projekt:

  • prepared documentation and procedures needed to migrate to linux/postfix environment,
  • made adjustments to php code,
  • moved the system to Citrix based virtual server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTE/posftix/MySQL 5.5