A platform project, for the provision of Smart Grid infrastructure management service. In spring 2013, Lan Projekt, upon the order of a client from southern Poland, participated in the initial stage of an innovative IT project for Smart Grid infrastructure management service installed in buildings and apartments. The intention of the Employer is to develop an administration application with the option of making it available to business clients as Software-as-Service (SaaS). Lan Projekt experts, in cooperation with the Client’s representatives, prepared a project of the application and system architecture for Smart Grid infrastructure management, prepared an initial assessment of investments required for developing and starting up the system with a model analysing the business parameters of the undertaking, depending on the costs of the application’s creation, the number of users, type and parameters of services provided in the system and their prices. Moreover, costs of platform’s maintenance were estimated following its creation and start-up, taking into account the number of services and the time defined by the Client. The project and the cost analysis was used by the Client for obtaining funds for project realization as part of EU investment programmes.