For one of the publishing houses, in autumn 2012, Lan Projekt delivered and implemented the authoring solution for photographs management. The photograph management software dedicated for photo agencies in its first version was developed in the year 2002 and was used continually in the years 2002 – 2012 by several photo agencies. Based on our clients’ experience, in the year 2009, a new version of the software was developed. The software was developed in application server technology and installed on Linus virtual server under Microsoft Hyper-V system. The server is part of Lan Projekt’s virtual machines cluster infrastructure. The disk space is made available through iSCSI protocol by (two) NAS servers built based on FreeNAS software. Thanks to the implementation of multipath technique for accessing the NAS array, data transfers between the virtual server and the disk array exceed the ones available for physical servers with disk built in.
The safety of more than 200 GB of photographs will be ensured by the data replication technology between the primary and backup arrays.