In April 2013, Lan Projekt engineers carried out, for a client from Great Britain, a primary domain controller and file server audit (disk space 2 GB) in terms of backup copies making and archiving.
The goal of the audit was defining the method of making backup copies and restoring the domain controller, in order to:
a) utilise the existing backup server, architecturally different from the primary server, as well as the existing network infrastructure of the Client
b) minimise the time required for restore
c) operate within the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 licenses owned by the Client
Lan Projekt designed the procedure of emergency restore of the domain controller in the event of hardware failure of the primary controller and successfully completed the test of the proposed restore procedure.
Moreover, recommendations were issued as to the method of reorganisation of the Client’s domain in terms of safety (introduction of backup domain controllers), reconstruction of the domain controller’s disk system and change of the method of making of backup copies. (electronic mail, www sites, instant messengers, etc. ) as well as individual (computer) users.
To put it plainly, the service does not interfere with network traffic as long as the Internet bandwidth is not used in 100%.
When traffic reaches critical value, the bandwidth monitoring and managing device starts to impose restrictions on the available bandwidth for individual protocols and users with priorities defined. The Internet Access Management service enables simultaneous use of more than one Internet connection, if such the possibility exists in the company.
The service was implemented together with another service – monitoring and filtering of Internet protocols.